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July 31, 2017
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August 7, 2017

Wayfair Corner Desk

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Wayfair is an e-commerce site based in Boston and commands quite a huge customer base. Its customer satisfaction is estimated to be 98%, and this is the major contributing factor to their more than 1 billion dollars in sales. Its business model is mostly facilitated by independent suppliers who supply the commodities and in return claim their payment from Mayfair.

This kind of business model ensures that storage costs are maintained at minimal levels. As you well know any expenses associated with production or distributions of a product are finally passed to the final consumers. Due to these cost saving tricks they employ, you can expect to get competitive prices on Wayfair corner desk.

CT corner writing desk

CTCorner 300x300 - Wayfair Corner Desk

Specific features

  • Price: Approximately 480 dollars.
  • Dimensions: 29.5 x 73.75 x 33.5 inches.
  • Weight: 100lbs
  • Material: Glass top with metallic legs.

If you have a modern office, you do not want to buy a traditional desk since it will not fit well with the rest of the decors.  CT model is a Wayfair corner desk which will add the required beauty as well as offer a nice working station. It is made from stainless steel which gives it the appropriate durability. The desk top glass is available in a variety of finishes.

The provision of a low lying shelf provides an excellent place to put your central processing unit. The extension table adds storage area, or it can serve as an independent working point for another person. Thus, if you are considering buying a nice Wayfair corner desk to serve as a multipurpose unit for your office, CT Corner writing desk from RTA home and office is the best selection.

Lina corner desk

lina 300x300 - Wayfair Corner Desk

Specific features

  • Price: Approximately $174
  • Dimensions: 78 x 186 x 67 cm
  • Weight: 58.65 kg
  • Material: Melamine wood

Lina corner desk is a real value for money. It has some open shelves as well as a drawer and a cupboard. On the top, it can easily accommodate three monitors and a single computer central processing unit. This Wayfair corner desk is perfect for people with a lot of paper work or those who require huge storage features. Its assembly is not such technical and especially if you follow the provided assembly manual keenly.

Candor computer desk

Cando 300x300 - Wayfair Corner Desk

Specific features

  • Price: Approximately $205
  • Dimensions: 76.2 x 121.92 x 81.91 cm
  • Weight: Approximately 25 kg.
  • Materials: Wood

The candor Wayfair corner desk is an excellent selection for a small office. The front drawer folds down wards to offer a flat resting place for the keyboard. It has a cord keeper to ensure that the cables supplying your accessories with power and network do not clutter everywhere. Since it is made from pure wood, it is resistant to warping, color tarnish, or fading. It’s easy to assemble the parts together since an instructional manual also accompanies the purchase.

Wrapping it up

Buying a corner desk for your office can be a challenging task especially with all the falsified advertising in the available stores. The case is different with Wayfair since they accept any returned product with no hard questions asked or attached conditions. A majority of the Wayfair office corner desks are also supported by more than one year warranty, and thus, in essence, you are trying the company’s product risk-free.

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