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Office Depot Corner Desk
June 24, 2017
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June 24, 2017

Small Corner Office Desk

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It is almost forbidden to put a big corner desk in a small office room. Always put small corner office desk in small office rooms. They can also be placed in large office rooms depending on the design of the chamber.

Though it can be hard to get all your paperwork neatly organized, it is better to have a small office desk rather than to have none at all.

The best small corner office desk is…

Tribe signs computer desk stylish 47 inches

Its features include:

  • Color: – Pear wood plus black metal legs.
  • Dimensions: – 47.2 x 22 x 29.52 inches.
  • Weight: – 28kg
  • Price: – approximately $120
  • Height: – 25 inches up to the drawers’ level.
  • Model number: – H0864.

The tribe signs 47 inches computer desk is a multi functional small office corner desk that can serve a variety of activities in an office. It is highly portable and mobile, this means just in case you need to hold a meeting outside the office; it would be easy to carry the table around. It is finished all round and thus even when placed it in an open area, it does not portray any unfinished work on any of the sides. The best advantage of the purchase of this small corner office desk is the fact that it comes with additional parts for future repairs.


  • Despite being a small office desk, it has two drawers.
  • There is ample desktop surface where you can place your computer as well as any other printing or related equipment. The desk is sturdy with the capability to hold up to 150 kg.
  • It’s resistant to moisture as opposed to some desks which are made from soft boards that absorb moisture and develop molds and thus posing a health risk.
  • It has a scratch resistant finish.
  • The small corner office desk is made from a metal frame, and thus even in the future you can replace the top, and the table will continue to function as new.
  • The drawers are spacious enough to offer convenience required.


  • The top is not real wood, but it is made from durable particle board.
  • It cannot hold an efficient office since it is limited in storage and filing drawers.
  • The drawers have no rails, and it may be hard to open sometimes.
  • There are no part lists to aid in the assembly of the table.
  • The instructions provided through images have no words, and it is hard to follow along.

Related: Such a small corner office desk requires to be supplemented with a good shelf or a closet. The best one to handle the papers and the extra books is the closet maid 1305. It helps to maintain sanity on the desk by carrying the excess papers.

The best thing about the closet is that it can be mounted on the wall though it would require modifications and additional workforce. These are however worthy especially if the office space is limited and you want as few items on the floor as possible.

Office Depot Corner Desk is another best computer desk in the market today. Check it out here.

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