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Corner Desk With Storage for Your Office
July 21, 2017
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Best Corner Desks for Home Office
July 28, 2017

Small Corner Desks for Your Office

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An office desk no matter how small it can be; it serves a very critical role there. It is almost unavoidable to have an office without a table unless it is a ghost office. Small corner desks are an excellent choice where space is limited. If you buy a small corner desk for your office, you will get a place to put your files as well as rest your arms while seated.

Though these are not the key roles small corner desks play in an office, the bottom line is that you need to get one for your office. The review below will ease your work of choosing the right desk for your office since the hard work of sorting the desks has been done you.

The list below is the best choice after considering a variety of factors like durability and storage space in the selection process.

Simpli Home Cosmopolitan Corner Office Desk

simpli 300x300 - Small Corner Desks for Your Office

  • Material: -Wooden
  • Model NO: -AXCOOS008
  • Dimensions: – 20x42x29.5 inches
  • Price: Approximately $60.
  • Color: -Brown
  • Weight:-40 pounds.

The Simpli home cosmopolitan desk has a simple pull out keyboard tray with a drop-down drawer’s front. It has tapered legs and shaker style side panels. All these have been crafted and finished by hand. It is easy to modify the desk since it is a product of pine tree.

It has a final coating of NC lacquer to bring out the beauty of the grains of the wood. It is very easy to assemble the table. It is remarkably durable.

Winsome Wood Corner Desk with Shelf

winsome 206x300 - Small Corner Desks for Your Office

  • Material: – Wooden
  • Model NO: – 99320
  • Dimensions: – 20x20x29 inches.
  • Price: Approximately $65
  • Color: – Honey
  • Weight: – 25 pounds

The winsome corner desk is a good selection where space is limited. It aligns well the angle line on a wall and thus offers a very economical use of the available space. It can be completed in an L format in the future if you find the right extension or build a custom one. Since it is a wood product, its color can easily be changed though it has an excellently coated finish.

Sauder Shoal Creek Desk

saudershoal 300x300 - Small Corner Desks for Your Office

  • Material: – laminated particles.
  • Model NO: – 409733
  • Dimensions:-53.1x 23.5 x 36.2 inches.
  • Price: Approximately $165
  • Color: – Jamocha Wood
  • Weight:-113 pounds.

The Sauder Shoal Creek Desk is not among the smallest small corner desks, but it is small in comparison to some of the L-shaped desks. It has three drawers to boost the storage capacity. All of them have metal runners and are fitted with stoppers.

The grommet efficiently manages the computer wires and its related equipment cords. The desk is unfinished at the back, and so it should be placed next to a wall. The instructions provided are not very clear, and it can take you approximately 2 hours to fit everything together.


Small corner desks are great space savers, and they make the size of your room count more in evaluating its utility. In most office settings a desk is mostly meant to accommodate only one seated person; the one who might be doing some writing or drafting some things for the other people. Thus small corner desks are a real show of value and should not be overlooked due to their size. Sometimes even those you see with big corner desks might be utilizing only 50% of them.

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