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South Shore Axess Desk



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  • Price: Approximately $99
  • Model number: 7250076C
  • Dimensions: 42 x 20 x 37 inches
  • Color: It is white
  • Weight: 78 pounds
  • Material: Non-toxic particle boards
  • Height: 24 inches from floor to keyboard and 29 inches without it

The Axess Desk – Modern Design – Keyboard Tray and One Drawer is a well-built desk that gives the best value for your money being in the category of less than $100 corner desks. The south shore Axess desk does not look cheaply built.

It can be ordered in different colors in addition to white which include: Black, Chocolate, Natural Maple, and Royal Cherry. It’s made from strong MDF and non-toxic particle boards; hardly does it wobble. However, avoid screwing and unscrewing the nuts since the grains will be erased or the board can crack.

It is a good south shore Axess desk that is suited for a small office room. It has plenty of storage space comprising of open shelves as well as a drawer. The desktop surface is also conveniently wide for normal office operations or study sessions.

The keyboard tray is sturdy, and it has a locking system. The lamination on the desk gives it an excellent aesthetic look. However, the slides on the drawers and the keyboard are not metallic. This leaves them prone to breakage and quick wear and tear.

The value of your money is not at stake since the south shore Axess desk is covered by a 5 – year limited warranty. To ensure you stay within the warranty cover, avoid modifications that can affect the usage of the desk. However, leaving out some parts like the keyboard tray while assembling; does not in any way negatively affect the warranty.


  • It can be easily cleaned which makes it a perfect study desk
  • South Shore Company are one of the suppliers who have an excellent customer support, thus, be assured that your issues will be addressed within 24 hours
  • It has plenty of storage space as well as working surface
  • The white color can easily mingle with many designs set up
  • The drawers can hold legal size documents


  • The back side of the desk is not finished
  • The instructions are not comprehensive since they lack explanations but have good pictures
  • Overall it is not simple to put together the desk
  • Its edges are sharp, but you can file them to make them bent and blunt


If you are looking for a pocket-friendly desk that will fulfill all the functions of a desk, then the south shore Axess desk is the best option. You have a wide variety of colors to choose from and hardly can you miss your taste. The warranty periods are extra long and thus while placing your order, have no fear of losing your money. The south shore support is excellent and hardly will any question pass unanswered.

Related: This south shore Axess desk is designed with plenty of storage space bearing that it even has a small hutch. It shows that it is intended for intensive paperwork user. In case you have the desk, but you still need additional storage space, you can buy the south shore Axess collection that has 5-bookshelves. It is black and costs approximately $85

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