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The Sauder Beginnings Corner Computer Desk is a great space saver due to its cut-across design. It forms a triangle design when fully assembled with its longest width being 45 inches. That is the front side facing you. The sides of the desk that sits against the wall are 23.5 inches. Its measurements are multiple since it is not a rectangle neither a triangular desk.

The wood that makes the drawers as well the top should also be reinforced with some screws even if it means buying from your nearest store. With reasonable reinforcement that will cost you a negligible amount, you will give your desk a longer life compared to the ordinary assembled desk.

  • Dimensions: 46 inches x 23.4 inches x 29.9 inches
  • Price: Approx $92
  • Weight: 56 pounds
  • Height: 25 inches
  • Materials: Made from wood boards and solid woods
  • Color: Cinnamon cherry
  • Model number: 412314

Considering that this desk is among the few that are under the $100 category; do not expect perfection but any flaw that you encounter is manageable, and the biggest trick lies in buying reinforcement screws and corner hinges to make the desk stand out sturdy.


  • The center drawer has a flip-down panel for laptop usage or easy keyboard use.
  • The desk is easy to put together even without the instructions if you have done this before.
  • The space at the back when placed on the can be used to run the wires
  • It’s highly portable and affordable
  • It has two underneath open storage shelves


  • Its back is not finished
  • The desk is actually not a true corner desk since the back is straight rather than at an angle, it leaves a hollow triangular space.
  • It has limited storage capacity.
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