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Pointers in Buying Used Corner Desk
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Ways to Make White Corner Office Desk Don’t Look Boring

Plain white desk – Where to find one?

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Home or office desks are made in almost infinite color varieties since people have different tastes. However, there are some colors which are more dominant than other if a particular group is taken into consideration. These colors are gray, black, and white. In most of the times, these corner desks are made from one color only unless in rare cases where the colors can be mixed.

Many people prefer plain white desks due to their magnificence of cleanliness as well as the simplicity associated with the color. Color does not affect the design of a corner desk, and as such, they are of different designs like L-shaped or n shaped corner desks.

These plain white desks can be bought from different retail stores and online shops, but one of the best places to buy from is the Amazon retail shops. They offer delivery to your place as well as a professional assembly if you request the service while placing the order.

However as long as the manual and the instructions booklet are well labeled, a majority of the white desks can be said not to require a professional assembly. Rather than buying a cheap white desk plus a professional assembly, it is better to add the amount on the money meant for the desk and get a higher value corner desk.

whitedesk - Plain white desk - Where to find one?

Some of the major white desk brands and where to get them

The monarch specialties hollow core plain white desk: It is a desk that is made to strike a balance between pricing, weight as well as usability. It is shaped like an L, and thus it has a relatively huge desk top storage space. However, despite that, it has some open shelves as well as two large drawers. The desk is made from wood and covered with some veneer. It measures 60 x 47 x 30 inches and weighs approximately 13 pounds. It is affordable under all variations since it costs approximately $260

The south share metro plain white desk: it is a light weight desk selection that is made for those who use computers mostly, though it can serve as a study table. Its dimensions are 37 x 42 x 20 inches. It is made from wood, and it has ample storage space. For example, there are more than two open shelves, drawers, keyboard tray, and a wide desk top surface. A 5-year limited warranty covers it, and this makes it an excellent purchase option bearing in mind its price is about $118.

The Harrison executive white desk: the desk is nice looking, and it has all the ergonomic features to make it the best office corner desk for you. It measures 30.5 x 54 x 24 inches and is light weight. It has four storage drawers and a keyboard storage tray. It is made from wood, and this makes it easy to paint the color of choice if you want to change though the white color selected by the manufacturer makes it look good and can fit in a variety of settings.


White desks are among the corner desks that are mostly bought for office purpose. They are designed in different ways and are made from different materials just like other ordinary corner desks. The only distinguishing element is the color.

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