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July 7, 2017
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July 14, 2017

Office Max L Shaped Desk

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Getting an office max L shaped desk is a challenge, but with a thorough search, you can always get the best corner desk that guarantees the value of your money. The chosen desk should portray as many positive aspects as possible. It should be the desk which will provide the most conducive environment for work.

These elements of an office max L shaped desk include:

  • It should be spacious and provide ample storage.
  • Embrace your style since you are the first person who will be using the desk more often.
  • Choose selection which matches your existing interior design. There is some office max L shaped desk which easily blends with the office.
  • It should also offer inspiration to do more in the future.
  • The desk should also fit well with your existing chair.
  • The office desk should also be big enough to allow some customization of the surface.

The best office max L shaped desk selection is the compact folding computer and writing desk Model no pc3g

folldingl 300x300 - Office Max L Shaped Desk

Its principal features include:

  • Price – Approximately $75
  • Color – Graphite black or white wood grain
  • Model no – pc3g
  • Weight – 27 kg
  • Dimensions– 128.5cm x 126.5cm x 81 cm
  • Material – MDF boards and steel

The office max L shaped desk is a real hub in design. It has a folding arm that fits on the desk while not in use. The main advantage is that the arm can be fixed to the right or left of the desk. It has a sliding keyboard tray and quite a big open shelf at the base. You can put your computer CPU on it or just put it into more economical use.

It is easy to assemble the desk since the parts are labeled. The desk is delivered as a single package, and this reduces chances of any of the parts getting lost considerably. The desktop surface is wide enough to accommodate all the essential office centers and even have a space to put some decorative features on the desk.

The graphite finishing is unique to the piranha trading furniture. As such you can easily buy a corresponding hutch at a later date. The desk fits well with other furniture more so from the same manufacturer. All the assembly of the Piranha furniture is simple and is no exception with the folding desk, all the parts and sections to be joined are marked with words and diagrams.

The wheeled legs enable the arm to move with ease. When folded; the desk has measurements of 120 cm long by 55 cm in depth. The arm can also extend into one full-length desk, and this makes it convenient for a meeting session since there is enough sitting surface.


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