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Large Corner Desk for Your Big Office

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There is nothing which seems odd other than a big room which is scarcely furnished. A small office which is fully furnished and well designed looks much better. To achieve the appropriate balance; a big office should have a large corner desk. Though size is of notable importance, the quality of the materials used should also be considered.

There is no point of having a big corner desk which cannot hold equivalent weight or offer services for a reasonable amount of time. Putting all these factors into consideration, we have picked a brand that will be appropriate as well as economical to buy.

The Monarch Reclaimed – Look L-shaped desk

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You can use it as two separate desks or as an L- desk, and the shipping process is quite fast. Since it is a large corner desk, it is delivered in two boxes which are reinforced with bubble wrapping to reduce incidences of breakages.

Specific features

  • Material: Wood
  • Price: Approximately $390
  • Dimensions: 60 x 47.2 x 29.5 inches
  • Weight: Approximately 136 pounds
  • Model number: 17318
  • Color: Dark taupe, Cappuccino, Natural, and white.

The monarch reclaimed look l-shaped desk offers a spacious work surface for doing paper work or other computer related activities. It can support both a printer and a monitor plus there is ample space underneath to put the CPU. Depending on your choice, you can also put a lamp, a flower pot as well as any other office supporting facility which you consider necessary in the execution of your duties.

It has a matching file cabinet in case you need more storage space. The L section can also be fixed on either side of the desk. The top corner drawers can be fixed, or you can decide to leave an empty desk top to accommodate more desktop items. Both the top drawers and corner L section can be assembled with ease.

The bottom parts of the drawers are made from thick ply wood and hardly can they bend no matter the pressure exerted. The pieces are marked, and the instructional manual will help you in sorting out the pieces well. You should sort these out carefully since it easily scratches but this problem can be solved by using a veneer.

Another drawback is its lack of keyboard drawers; this means that you can only type from the desk top which is a bit high and uncomfortable. However, because it is made of wood, you can get a carpenter to fix one for you since this is a minor element. Its ergonomic features and size cannot be compromised by this small fixable lack of shelf issue.

Due to its weight, it is advisable to assemble it at the point where it will be put to avoid a lot of movements which can weaken the joints. You can add wood glue to the joints to reinforce them.


If your office work is extensive and the large corner desk fails to absorb it all, you can get the monarch specialties drawer file. It consists of three large cabinets with metal accents. It has wheels for easy mobility within the large office. Its dimensions are 18 x 19 x 26 inches and costs approximately $145. It blends well with other office decors and is available in white, brown, gold or natural colors.


An office space should be in line with the bulkiness of the work being handled as well as the number of employees expected to be in the office. A large corner desk is good because it can accommodate more than one sitting person and helps to maintain sanity in the office. Based on the above-analyzed content we believe it will be easy to decide on the desk option to select for a big office.

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