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Small Corner Office Desk
June 24, 2017
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Big Corner Desk for Your Office
June 24, 2017

L Shaped Corner Desk for Your Office

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Office rooms are designed to handle only the necessary things for the day. Don’t use your table as a store. To maximize the available space, L shaped corner desk is the best to have in an office since they fit well at the corners of the room, they are big corner desks which will help to clear away your table.

They have large drawers as well as a big desktop to place the files you are currently working on.

The best L shaped corner desk to consider is the Fairview L-shaped desk

fairview 1024x1024 - L Shaped Corner Desk for Your Office

  • Color – Either Antique black or white.
  • Weight: – It measures 186 pounds.
  • Dimensions: – 60 x 60 x 31 inches.
  • Model number-WC53230-03K
  • Price- approximately $343

It is a desk that will make you feel that you ought to have bought the L shaped corner desk like yesterday. It comes in two primary colors; antique black, and white. The finish on the table is excellent, and it blends well even with the other materials in the office. It is made from hardwood and rarely can it wear out at the slightest of use.

Assembling this computer does not need any expert knowledge, and it is mostly delivered within 3-5 days after ordering. Though it features a high price, its price is relatively fair in comparison to the features it possesses.

The features might be many but we cannot fail to take a note on the following:

It’s made from wood, and it has a wide box drawer’s as well as the open storage space. You can store the laptop and the keyboard in the drawers which have front down-drop. It helps to accommodate the maximum papers or load in the drawers.

There is an option to fix the hutch to add more storage to your purchase. The shelves are adjustable, and thus it allows flexibility on the height of people who can fit on the table. The warranty is valid for 6-years.

The main drawback with this L shaped corner desk is that despite its size it has no grommets to manage the wires. On top of that, the front cover at the top has been reported to peel off in most of the cases. The condition makes the desk weak and not suited for intensive users who can sit on the desk for more than 10 hours in a day.

The good part

The purchase of this desk is protected by a six-year warranty, and the manufacturer has a proven record of timely honoring all the complaints related to quality.

Related: If you are buying an L shaped corner desk; you do not want to risk having a poor chair. It is the point where you spend most of your time seated. Invest in a unique chair to ensure that you do not feel stressed to the point of being unable to work efficiently.  The best bet when it comes to chairs is the black PU leather ergonomic high back executive best desk chair for $65. It has a 360 degrees swivel, and it gives a wider scope of view while still seated. Despite that, it has wheels, and thus you can easily navigate around the office room without getting up.

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