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Small Corner Office Desk – Best Option for Small Room
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Big Corner Desk – The Best Option for a big room

L shaped Corner Desk – Most Popular

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Corner desks are manufactured in different shapes, and some are more dominant in the market than others. The most common corner office desks in the market are:

  • Rectangular corner desks – The desk has only four sides and resembles a rectangle on the desktop surface
  • L shaped desk – These are the ones that have six faces and resemble an L from the top surface
  • U shaped corner desk – It is the kind of desk that has eight faces and resembles a U on the surface

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Among the three options; L shaped corner desk is the most popular one since it strikes a balance between the rectangular and the U-shaped desk. The features that make this desk ideal and popular can be elaborated as follows for easier understanding:

It has shelves and drawers for ample storage

The standard rectangular corner desk cannot have a lot of space since it has to leave some space for the feet while seated. Unlike these desks, the L shaped corner desk has two faces on the front side of the desk, the one that can handle shelves and drawers and the other one from where you can sit. However, even if it does not have the shelves and drawers, its surface area on the top is big enough to offer ample storage space.

Occupies moderate space

Compared to the U-shaped desk, the L shaped corner desk does not occupy or affect huge space in the office. A u-shaped desk affects the space from three dimensions that is; the two sides on the wall and the other one facing the open space in the room. On the contrary, the l shaped desk only affects the office space from two dimensions.

Some can be built to 2 desks

Most of the l shaped desks that do not have shelves or cabinets are built so for a purpose. They can be assembled as two separate desks and be used by two different people independently. This is highly advantageous in an office set up since it saves on cost and offers great convenience.


Since the l shaped corner desk is the intermediary desk between u and the rectangular shaped desk, it is affordable compared to the features it offers. The rectangular desk might be cheaper, but the limitations associated with it are many. Majorities have limited storage space, and more than one person cannot use them.

Fits well in corners

The l shaped desk fits well in the corners without enclosing any office space unlike u shaped desk that almost divides the office room due to the face that faces the open space of the office. Thus, the l shaped desks are great space savers and still provide great storage capabilities compared to the rectangular shaped desk.


When choosing the type of desk to buy, consider your case individually rather than making a decision based on a public opinion since whatever might be good for another person might not work great for you. For example, despite the l shaped corner desk being the most popular, they are a bit expensive than the rectangular shaped desk. Thus, rather than buying a low-quality cheap l shaped desk, it is better to buy a small corner desk that is sturdily built since it would likely fir in the same budget. However, holding all the factors constant, L shaped desk is better.

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