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June 24, 2017
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Home Office Corner Desk

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With the rising levels of globalization as well as modernization, more people are increasingly working from home. It is a good idea to look for a home office corner desk because the living room table in your home might not be suited for working. Neither can you work full time with a laptop from your laps?

The best home office corner desk is the Whalen Furniture JCS110605-D

whalen - Home Office Corner Desk


  • Color: – Brown.
  • Weight – 83.9 pounds
  • Dimensions: – 61 x 61 x 30 inches.
  • Model number-JCS110605-D
  •  Price: – Approximately $100.

The desk has curved wooden legs which are supported by metal bars and a glass desktop which gives it an elegant finish. The top is not an ordinary glass since it is non- reflective and opaque. Its edges are well trimmed, and it poses little risk on your hands.

It weighs around 83.9 pounds and measures 61x 61 x30 inches. It is the best home office corner desk since it can easily accommodate all the centers which are essential on the table. Despite not having a keyboard tray it has an ample free space underneath, and with some modification on the desk, you can install the keyboard support.

The desk is extremely sturdy, and the glass is thick enough to be able to handle a weight of more than $70. It supports Bluetooth mouse and thus not best for machines which are corded everywhere.


  • The home office corner desk is good looking and has enough room for peripherals at the top.
  • It is very stable and sturdy even when underweight due to the steel frame.
  • The desks are open without any doors or structure underneath which offers you the mobility to modify or use the space below the top of the desk in a way you desire.
  • The working top is made of glass, and this makes it easy to keep it clean.
  • All the parts of the desk are labeled and fit well to the corresponding parts.
  • Its finishing is elegant and fits well in many backgrounds.


  • Its assembly is quite complicated though not much and this can be easily overcome by getting a woodwork expert to fix it for you.
  • The packaging is not well done since the glasses are not tied together. There are two glasses where one is beveled, and the other one is not. It has been previously reported to cause scratching or even breakages.
  • If you are more worried about finger prints fraud, you might be forced to constantly keep on wiping the glass to get rid of them.


A beautiful home office corner desk is always best complimented by an excellent desktop phone. An office cannot be termed as complete without a means of communication. The Crosley CR62-BK Kettle Classic Desk Phone with Push Button Technology, black is the best option to buy, and it costs approximately $50.

A phone improves the efficiency of service delivery in an office as well as clear out things as they get on the desk since you can quickly take action by calling to confirm what needs to be done. The faster you communicate, the faster you get rid of most of the files and essentially clearing the desk.

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