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August 11, 2017
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Corner Work Desk for Home Office

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In most of the times, a home office is not accorded the right amount of space as required. Due to this, you will in most cases find the room which houses a home office is used jointly for another purpose, or the actual room is small. To make use of every available space, you must select your furniture wisely more so a corner work desk that optimizes the available space.

The best corner work desk for a home office is the one that has as many vertical storage apartments and one which is not very big.

Homcom 52’’ multilevel tower office work station offers a good choice in these situations.

Homcom furniture and décor are made to fit well with a variety of home design and make your room interior look exceptionally professional.

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Its specific features

  • Material: Wood
  • Model NO: 920-016
  • Dimensions: 52.25 x 21.5 x 48.75 inches
  • Price: Approximately $150
  • Color: Oak or white
  • Weight: Approximately 99 pounds

Homcom multilevel tower office work station is the best corner desk where efficiency is desired. It is designed to accommodate more than one monitors or laptops. The vertical shelves are used to store computer CPU, but in case you are a laptop user that is an additional storage too.

It is made from medium density fiberboards which are strong and able to holds weights of up to 80- pounds. The frames are also made from steel. It has tall towers and big drawers for enhanced storage. Putting up the desk is easy since the purchase comes with a clear instructional manual.

In case you have any complaints with the purchased product, Homcom customer care is always ready to replace the defective product. Once the whole desk is completely assembled, it adds aesthetic value to the room since it has a black and white finish which augments with other colors.

The corner work desk helps to increase productivity since you can quickly set up your full office peripherals in one place. It has a cord management system to avoid a situation where wires are running from every corner of the desk.


If you have a home office, you might find yourself accumulating so many things around the place from where you are working from, to avoid clutter at your place of work, it is advisable to buy foremost shelf cube storage. It has large cabinets and drawers that can be used to hold a lot of contents. Its dimensions are 13.8 x 32.2 x 16 inches and costs around $95. The finished product can be either espresso, white, honey, and black.


If you are among the people who work from home or do a lot of work at home than in your commercial office, then you need to get a corner work desk which is comfortable. A home office should be more comfortable than any other room in your office otherwise you will feel demotivated to work and start engaging in other activities not related to your work. From the above review, it is wise to select a desk with ample storage and one with a spacious top surface to ensure that your office utilities fit well on the table.

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