executive 80x80 - Corner white desk that shaped like an "n"
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Corner white desk that shaped like an “n”

innova - Corner white desk that shaped like an "n"
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Corner desks come in different shapes and colors. Among the big designs are L-shaped and n-shaped. The n-shaped corner desk is the same as a u-shaped corner desk. A -u is an inverted -n and vice versa. However, the best term to use is the n-shaped desk since a user seated at the desk sees an -n, but an onlooker sees a -u.

It is worth noting that corner white desk can have different shades which might include vanilla, Dutch, egg shell, silk corn, antique, baby powder or ghost white. What to choose depends on your taste and preference.

Many people prefer these corner white desks shaped like an -n due to their increased storage surface area. They are more than an L-shaped corner desk since they have an extra arm. This means the desk can serve a lot of office utilities. For example, it becomes easy to have a point for an office phone, a printer’s area, flower pot section, and even the work in progress area.

innova - Corner white desk that shaped like an "n"

Just like any other corner desk, they are made from either wood, metal, glass, wood products or a convenient combination of either of them. These white corner desks are meant and designed for a large office though it depends on how the rest of the space in the room is occupied. If seats do not fully occupy the rest of the space, then it can fit even in a small office.

Some of the best brands to consider are:

Altra pursuit n-shaped desk: The desk is designed to hold all the office paper work in one central position. It is made from hard wood and is ergonomically finished with natural, white or cherry color. It has a hutch for enhanced storage. The desk weighs approximately 300 pounds, and it is shipped in four boxes. All these parts are combined to form an n-shaped desk that is a real representation of value. It costs approximately $400.

Benjamin n-shaped corner desk with hutch: It is a big corner desk that offers a wide working area as well as provides the convenience expected in an office set –up. Whether you work from home or you bring home a lot of work from the office, this is the best desk for you. It is made from wood and PVC boards. It’s sturdy and does not shake. A one year warranty covers the purchase, and its dimensions are 65 x 66 x 95 inches. It has a gray or natural finish though they customize a desk to customers liking in respect to color and design.

Innova n-shaped corner white desk: If you want to give your office a royal touch, you should be considering buying this type of desk. It is made from solid wood and offers a classy touch to the office. Its dimensions are 66 x 84 x 59 inches and costs approximately $1000. It has a melamine finish that protects the desk from scratches and makes it easy to clean. The purchase is covered by a 10-year warranty which makes it convenient choice since your money is well protected.


The n-shaped corner desk is the inverted version of the -u corner desk design. As such both are meant to serve the same positions, and the terms can be interchangeably used depending on preference. These desks provide ample storage as well as enough working space. Due to their size, they are a bit expensive than the regular corner desks.

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