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June 24, 2017
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July 7, 2017

Corner Office Desks

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While there may be a variety of tables you can use in your office, there is a significant advantage of using corner office desks instead of the others. The major benefit is the capability to save space. They fit well in the corner of a room and leave the rest of the area for sitting or any other appropriate use.

After a thorough analysis of the corner office desks, putting into consideration the quality of the desk into account; we have chosen the following brands for your office:

Wheaton Reversible desk from Bush furniture

wheaton 300x300 - Corner Office Desks

  • Price: – Approximately $180
  • Model: – MY72713A-03
  • Dimensions: – 38.4 x 59.7 x 29.2 inches.
  • Color: – Black
  • Weight: – 116 pounds.
  • Material: – Wooden

The Wheaton desk from Bush furniture is one of a kind that can be reversibly configured to accommodate the drawers on either side. Reversing should only be done while assembling since when you do it after that, it will be creating weak points which are avoidable. However, under extreme need, it can be dissembled and assembled in the way you want.

It has a raised printer shelf which creates more surface area. The open cabinets are best used to store work in progress while you can use the drawers to store the files you have already worked on recently. Despite being among the big corner office desks, assembling it is quite easy since there are guiding images and the parts are also labeled.

The Vantage corner office desk

vantage 300x300 - Corner Office Desks

  • Price: – Approximately $253
  • Model: – HM66915A-03
  • Dimensions: – 38.4 x 58.6 x 35.4 inches.
  • Color: – Can be either black, white, harvest cherry or light dragon woods.
  • Weight: – 135 pounds
  • Material: – Wooden

Vantage corner desk is one of those that will serve you the best while allowing you to do a bunch of things from the same place. Since it is among the heaviest corner office desks, it is advisable to assemble it at the exact point where you want to keep the desk. Dragging around a 135 pounds structure might even damage it.

It has a raised printer shelf and two large box drawers. Also, it has a file drawer and an open cabin shelf to store work you work on consistently. There is a concealed storage for the computer CPU though it can be put to other use if you use a laptop. It is a good selection since it has a wire management section to reduce the number of wires protruding from anywhere.

Techni mobile L-shaped corner desk

techni 300x222 - Corner Office Desks

  • Price: – Approximately $105.
  • Model: – RTA-3802-GLS
  • Dimensions: – 62 x 45.5 x 29 inches.
  • Color: – Clear glass.
  • Weight: – 60 pounds
  • Material: – Metallic with a glass top.

The tempered glass corner desk is one of its kind especially one suited for those people who like uniqueness. Those who don’t want to have corner office desks which resemble 100 others around. It has a wide top area to do your work from and even store the necessary materials which require being on the desktop.

It does not have drawers nor shelves though it easily compensates for such with its size. It stands out in the room since the glass is striking clear and the framework design of the desk is exemplary finished. The keyboard slide is protected with an automatic stop to prevent it from slipping off the desk.

The major pivot:

All furniture should not be exposed to excess moisture because it can cause molds to develop or peeling along the grains. Select your table based on requirements so that you will gain the maximum benefit regarding storage as well as a working area.

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