altrajeje 80x80 - Corner Desks for Home Office
Small Corner Desks for your Home or Room Office
August 28, 2017
corner desk 80x80 - Corner Desks for Home Office
Corner Desk Ideas
September 4, 2017

Corner Desks for Home Office

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A majority of the furniture suppliers and manufacturers have focused heavily on making corner desks for home. This is because as globalization occurs, more people are shifting from traditional systems of doing things and incorporating information technology in the execution of official activities.

That change has enabled people to work while on transit, at home or at any other place that is convenient for them. A home office offers more convenience than the commercial office since it offers flexibility and increases production. In selecting the right corner desks for your home, various factors have to be put into consideration. These will be discussed below depending on the choice of desk selected.

The best corner desks for homes include:

Altra Delilah Parsons Desk

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Specific features

  • Material: Wood
  • Dimensions: 39 x 19.7 x 30 inches
  • Price: Approximately $42
  • Color: Black, Espresso, Gray, Navy, Red, Teal, and White
  • Model number: 9859096PCOM
  • Weight: 31 pounds.

The Altra Delilah Parsons corner desk is the perfect match for a home office, particularly when space is constrained. It is made with different colors to increase the selection base. It has a simple silhouette with lines and tall standing legs.

It is light weight and moving it around is easy and straightforward. Putting the desk together is also a task that has been confirmed by some buyers to take even 10 minutes. The instructions are clear and the parts to be fixed together are few.

Sauder beginnings Corner Desk

begincorner 300x300 - Corner Desks for Home Office

Specific features

  • Material: Wood
  • Dimensions: 53.1 x 23.5 x 28.7 inches.
  • Price: Approximately $62
  • Color: Cherry
  • Model number: 413073
  • Weight: 50 pounds

The Sauder beginning corner desk is a choice you can’t regret taking. It is made from hard particle boards, and the storage space is abundant. The whole of the underneath section of the table can act as storage shelves since there are wood boards put across the corner desk.

The resulting shelves can be adjusted to accommodate even large folders. It has a cord management system. It is easy to put up since the instructions are given in the manual and are clear. To avoid unnecessary damage don’t expose it to excess moisture.

Tribe signs modern L-shaped desk

tribesign 300x300 - Corner Desks for Home Office

Specific features

  • Material: Particle boards
  • Dimensions: 66.14 x 18.90 x 29 inches
  • Price: Approximately $139
  • Color: Black and Teak
  • Model number: H0856
  • Weight: 55 pounds.

Another option among the corner desks for home is the tribe signs modern L-shaped desk that is appropriate for a modern looking office set up. It is made from wood and steel frame. These features give it the longevity of more than 5-years. It is easy to put the desk together since only three wooden parts require fitting on the frame.

It comes with a CPU stand underneath the desk. The only drawback of the desk is the lack of shelves, but these are well catered by the large desk top area. Its height is appropriate for a normal person, and it’s just the perfect choice if you want to portray some classic designs in your home office.


The most convenient desk to buy for a home office is the corner desk. As opposed to other office settings, an office at home is prone to a lot of limiting factors, and it is even hard to dedicate a whole room for an office. Due to these factors, a majority of the home offices are space deprived, and this forces a person to look for the most space maximizing corner desks for home.

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