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Corner Desk With Shelves for Your Office
July 17, 2017
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July 24, 2017

Corner Desk With Storage for Your Office

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A desk’s primary purpose should be to offer a storage space and also provide a surface from where you can carry on your work. If yours does not give either of these, it is high time you look for a corner desk with storage to make your office life easier. There is no point working from a desk that does not offer you efficiency.

Storage may be on the top surface depending on the size of the desk and the number of drawers or shelves it has. The majority of the big corner desks have fewer underneath the desktop storage whereas the small ones leave the top service for working equipment and capitalize on underneath the top surface for storage.

To get a clear view of the appropriate corner desk with storage, check Large corner computer desk with 3-drawers and A4 filing

Its distinctive features and qualities are as outlined below:

drawerindesk 300x300 - Corner Desk With Storage for Your Office

  • Material: – laminated MDF and metal
  • Model NO: – PC 28g
  • Dimensions:-143.5 x 151.5 x 76 cm.
  • Price: approximately $140
  • Color: – black or gray.
  • Weight: – 53 kilograms.

On top of these, it is a solid corner desk with storage putting into consideration it is made from laminated MDF and metal stands. It is easy to assemble more so if you have some experience with woodwork.

However, even if you have never fixed any table before, follow the provided guiding images, and you will be through within an hour. The box drawers slide out effortlessly with ease, and they have stoppers to prevent them from falling.

The pedestal can be fixed on either side of the desk while assembling. The desktop surface can support weights averaging 60 kg. The fixing tools are also part of the purchase. You should never have fear while buying this kind of corner desk with storage since it is covered with two years warranty.

The desk has graphite texture finishing and a melamine coat to add in its life. The metal legs offer the unwavering support to the desk, and they are powder coated to reduce incidences of rust. Due to the strong support, it can hold two monitors plus a printer in addition to the office centers.

The pedestal component which is an open shelf, two drawers and a lockable A4 filing drawers offer a reliable storage place for most of your papers and files. If you need maximum privacy, you can contract a carpenter to put padlocks on other drawers. Since it is wooden, it will be easy to fix the locks.


Where storage is quite an issue, it is advisable to install a shelf to supplement the corner desk storage. You can consider the winsome wood 4- tier bookshelf since it is easy to fix and install. It is made from durable materials, and its cost is affordable at approximately $93. Hardly can all your filing and storage capabilities be accommodated by only the desk though a corner desk with storage is better than none since it will serve the purpose before you decide to get additional storage.

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