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July 14, 2017
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Corner Desk With Storage for Your Office
July 21, 2017

Corner Desk With Shelves for Your Office

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If you use paper comprehensively during the execution of your work, a corner desk with shelves is the best option for you. It will save you from the hassle associated with lost files and documents.

You can fit the shelves and drawers with a lock and key doors to enhance security or just for privacy reasons. Though some of the corner desks do not have the key and lock capability, you can modify a door with ease as long as it has some wood at the point where you need the lock.

The best selection for corner desk with shelves is the TMS Morgan desk with hutch

You can easily locate it in the stores if you use these features

  • Material: – Composite wood.
  • Model NO: – 21023BLO.
  • Dimensions: – 35.5 x 35.5 x 61 inches
  • Price: – Approximately $100.
  • Color:-Black oak
  • Weight: – 90 pounds.

Here are more in-depth details of the TMS Morgan desk

morgan 300x300 - Corner Desk With Shelves for Your Office

The TS Morgan desk with hutch is a good selection of the corner desk with shelves, and despite that, it is not made from pure wood it is sturdier than a majority of the desks. It has ample storage shelves as well as an extensive base from where to work from and set up your office desktop centers.

It ships in two boxes and this sometimes can cause confusion especially when either the clutch or the base is out of stock. However if Amazon sends it appropriately, it is easy to assemble since the images are well marked. Take extra care while assembling the desk since there are many small parts and if you misplace one you can take a lot of time to realize where the problem is coming from during the exercise.

For a comfortable standing position, lean it against the wall, it is also unfinished on the back, and if it is not put adjacent to the wall, it will portray unfinished product. If assembled and placed well on the wall; it is a corner desk made to last. It has a melamine finish and has ample supporters to prevent wavering or wobbling.

The finished product is a nice designed corner desk with shelves, CPU resting place, a sliding keyboard tray, and a DVD section. Be aware of the quality of the materials used to make the desk while comparing its size and price. Under all conditions, it is a cheap corner desk but offers a good value for your money.

Quality is a relative term, and the life of your desk will largely depend on your handling. An expensive ring on the nose of a pig is worth less more than a moderate ring in the hands of man. Thus make a purchase decision and dedicate your efforts to offer proper maintenance. You will realize that you will get double portion utility in the long run.


Using a corner desk with shelves in your office is an indication that you spend some hours working on what you store on the shelves. As such it is undeniable that you need a superior seat. The best chair that will offer you maximum comfort is boss office products B315 – BK perfect posture deluxe fabric task. It is the best selection that has been approved by many prior buyers. It has no arms and thus fits well under the desk as well as offer a well-seated position.

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