computerdesk 80x80 - Corner Desk Small Spaces for your Office
Large Corner Desk for Your Big Office
August 21, 2017
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Small Corner Desks for your Home or Room Office
August 28, 2017

Corner Desk Small Spaces for your Office

furrino 500x480 - Corner Desk Small Spaces for your Office
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The size of the desk used in an office should be proportional to the size of the office. The larger the office, the bigger the desk should be and vice versa. Small desks offer just a small storage space.  There is need to devise new ways to enhance storage and these can be through the use of hanging cabinet and shelves. Visit to find corner desks with shelves.

Corner desk small spaces in your office should not be the limiting factor to having an organized room. Look for a small corner desk that can easily accommodate a hutch to maximize on the vertical side of the office. Corner desk small offices best option is…

Furinno 11193EX/BK/BR computer desk

furrino - Corner Desk Small Spaces for your Office

Though it may look small with others terming it as a child desk, it makes a good working surface in your small office.

Its specific features

  • Material: Particle boards.
  • Weight: Approximately 23 pounds
  • Price: Approx $31
  • Color: White, Gray, Brown, Beech, Ivory, and Black.
  • Dimensions: 15.6 x 31.5 x 28.5 inches.
  • Model number: 11193EX/BK/BR

The Furinno computer desk is simple in design and is designed to fit any room. It is affordable and offers the essential storage space as well as a smooth working surface. It has a place to put the CPU and two open shelves. It also has huge drawers to store your work that is already finished.

It is easy to assemble since it does not have many parts and it also has a clear instructional manual. It is among the best options in the medium density composite wood category. The PVC tubing is made from recycled plastic and is tested for durability.

You should use a soft cloth to wipe the corner desk small spaces since it is not made from high-density materials; as such it can be easily scratched or peeled by a coarse material. Due to the thinness of the materials used, you should also handle it with care while assembling.

The bottom shelf can be shifted forward, backward or be fixed on either side of the desk to offer freedom in choosing whether to sit on either side of the desk. However, if it is fixed on the sides, you will lose the bottom shelf, but you will have enough space where you can cross your legs. You will also be required to drill some more holes since the ones available are for shelf building.

The parts are labeled clearly, and the rest of the instructions are easy to follow. It is advisable to put it against the wall to prevent it from toppling over. Click here to see more corner desk options.


A small office also requires a small chair; Hodedah armless task chair is the right match for this corner desk small spaces option. Its height can be adjusted. As such if you are tall, you can lower the chair and if you are short, you can adjust the chair upwards to enable you to reach the desktop easily. It costs approximately $35 and comes in a variety of colors like black, blue, and red.


Small spaces are quite a challenge to manage and being in a small office also indicates you are either growing or diminishing. In either way, the Furinno corner desk small spaces are designed to occupy the least space and offer you the cheapest option. It is a good starting point, and as you progress, you can upgrade accordingly. It is unbelievable that with a budget of less than $100, you can acquire a corner desk and a chair.

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