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Corner Desk Oak Effect

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Home furniture is prone to damage and breakages especially if they are not made from quality wood. Metal is also a good material used to make desks, thus this does not portray or demean in any other negative way those desks that are not made from wood. Corner desks can either be made from:

  • Solid wood like oak and mahogany or even pine
  • Wood products like MDF and particle boards
  • Metal frame and wood or full metal desk
  • Glass desk top designs
  • Combination of any of the above materials

Corner desks made from hard wood like camphor, oak, and mahogany are preferred by customers since they fit in well together and do not break easily. They are also not negatively affected by moisture like the particle boards or other soft board made desks.

unicorn - Corner Desk Oak Effect

Due to these qualities, every manufacturer wants to be associated with a quality desk. Majority of the suppliers and customers also prefer corner desk oak effect finish due to the quality aspect related to the oak tree. Unfortunately, the timber is in low supply after a consistent use because it takes longer to grow as opposed to soft woods.

Pine and cypress are the timbers that have replaced oak though you can still get original oak furniture. However, the finishing these pieces of furniture are accorded makes them look like they are made from oak. The main distinguishing effect on these situations is pricing and weight. Original oak corner desks are heavy and expensive.

Thus if you get a corner desk which is cheap and light, there are high chances that it is not made from oak despite having the oak effect finish. There are disclosure requirements to provide all relevant features of a corner desk that would affect a normal person to decide that protects the customers. One of such elements is the quality of materials used to make the furniture.

Some of the corner desk oak effect examples

Piranha furniture large corner desk oak effect: The corner desk is made from melamine laminated MDF, but it has an oak effect finish. Its color is brown or oak and costs approximately $139. Its dimensions are 59 x 55 x 30 inches. It weighs approximately 116 pounds. From the given features, it’s evident enough that it is a big desk since it is also L-shaped. Unfortunately, it has no shelves, but it sits on pedestal drawers. Its frame is made from metal, and its assembly is straightforward and easy as long as you follow the provided instructional manual correctly.

Charles computer corner desk oak effect veneer: The desk has one big open shelf and a drawer too. It is made from chip board wood and covered with veneers which have an oak effect finish. These make it look more expensive than the market price. Its dimensions are 43 x 29 x 15 inches and costs approximately $71. Its beige and this does not make it deviate from the oak effect finish. There are more than 20 colors of oak effect finishes and the choice on which one to use largely depends on the taste of the manufacturer.


Oak effect is not associated with any brand, and this is a kind of finish any supplier or furniture manufacturer can decide to put on his/her products as the preferred finish. Thus, when you see an oak effect on a brand name do not assume that it is made from oak timber but rather dig deeper into its features to get the actual material used to make the corner desk.

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