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Tips on Buying Corner Desks for Home Office
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What Should You Look for When Searching for Best Corner Desk?

Corner Desk Ideas

corner desk - Corner Desk Ideas
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Corner desks as their names denote are the new space savers in the market. They utilize the space at the corner of the house. However, a majority of them are ready made from the factory which means the only requirement is to join them. Though they also come in different designs to meet different needs, sometimes, customization of the corner desk is what suits you best.

The following factors trigger the need for personalized customization

  • How much space is available – If you have a lot of space available you can look for an extra large corner desk, and the vice-versa is true.
  • Materials, style, finish, and taste – If the materials you want on your desk are not readily available or you want a unique style, it might be advisable to try on the corner desk ideas given below.
  • Portability – If you need a corner desk that you can move around, you need a light desk with wheels.
  • What do you plan to keep there – Some people storage needs are just extra ordinary; for example, a person might be working with large sheets of papers which require unique storage. This may trigger customization on your desk.

Having gone through the above list, it is evident that several factors determine the size, shape, and design of your corner desk.  Several corner desk ideas have been recommended in the market to accommodate such variation, but you can still come up with your unique features on your desk depending on your creativity and special requirements

corner desk - Corner Desk Ideas

Best corner desk ideas

Double deep design

If corner space is not the limiting factor in your room, you can have a corner desk with extra large width or length in a way that it can accommodate you seated and leave some space in front or beside your knees. It is then fitted with a standing shelf cases or built on the wall for storing books or other documents which you need close to you without keeping them open to everyone.

The design can be achieved by having an open corner desk like Merax L-shaped corner desk working station stand in front or beside a book case like the convince concept Oxford book case. That is, the resulting design will be a blend between a corner desk and a book shelf.

A v- shaped shelf at the edges

If your work involves referencing a lot and you do not have much space left on the sides or on the wall where to mount an extra shelf, you can try this corner desk design. A shelf is made to run on the length of the desk and is made in a v-shaped format to hold the books or reference materials.

Floating corner desk

Some corners of a room may have designs which do not accommodate the pre made designs of corner desks. In such a situation, you might be required to look for a floating corner desk or order a customized corner desk to meet your special needs direct from the supplier or manufacturer.

Corner desk with legs as storage bins

Majority of the corner desks have their legs as standing wood or metals.  It is worth trying a design whose standing legs are made into open bins so that you can easily store your work in progress to enhance the storage capacity of a corner desk. These are not ordinary drawers but slanted open bin like boxes for easy access.

Drop leaf or brief case design corner desk

It is one of the unique designs of corner desks in the market. When not in use, it closes up or down to form a mounted box shaped like a brief case. The opening cover is the working surface when this corner desk is open. It is most suited if your work is mostly consultative or you do not require intensive storage for your work. You can modify it to be a key and lock design.

Wrapping it up

Corner desk ideas cannot be exhausted since anything which you think is what will be best suited for you is exactly what you should buy. Even if it means going an extra mile of contracting a carpenter to do some changes on your corner desk, it might be worth the cost

Otherwise, the ideas mentioned above are just to demonstrate to you how corner desk can be uniquely designed to suit a personalized need. The best option is to discuss your requirements with the manufacturer or supplier and see whether your need will be met accurately.

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