Corner Office Desk

Depending on the nature and place of your work, you might find that a certain corner desk suitable for your friend is not a good fit for you. That is the main reason; different suppliers and manufacturers are struggling to come up with new designs every day. There are various designs of corner desk with file cabinet since a majority of those people who use these desks require some form of storage.

A cabinet holds the drawers and even when there are no drawers, and it is designed as an open shelf, it is even better for easy access to working materials.

withfilcab - Corner Desk With File Cabinet

FMD Corner-Combination Desk Lex

  • Dimensions: 54 inches x 26 inches x 30 inches
  • Price: Approximately $160
  • Weight: 50 kg
  • Height: 70cm
  • Material: Solid MDF wood
  • Color: Beige, but still available in beech, white, and sand oak though the price may vary a bit.
  • Model number: 353-001

The FMD Corner-Combination Desk Lex is a uniquely designed corner desk that has ample desktop surface to work from while providing convenient storage places for your file. It is made from a quality wood material, and it is an easy to clean corner desk with file cabinet since it is covered with melamine finish.

There are four ways on how you can assemble the corner desk with file cabinets and put the drawers on either side depending on your choice. It can even form a straight line. Not only that but you can also assemble it without the L.

If you need a corner desk with file cabinets; none will make your office look current other than this. Its finish and design is a true representation of high-class quality. To make it stronger and durable, you can reinforce the cabinets with T-shape supporters or angle brackets and add additional screws on the drawer runners

The desk is made from Germany, and this is a big boost to the brand since a majority of the office corner desks are made from China and quality stands as a questionable factor in a majority of them. However, you should adhere to the recommended maximum weight capacity of the desk as well as all other maintenance practices recommended to ensure that it gives you the appropriate functionality.


  • It is resistant to wear and tear associated with scratching, crushing, heat, and frost.
  • Clear and well-labeled assembly instructions and no marks on the wood for neatness
  • It is an ergonomically designed desk
  • It has plenty of storage space


  • It’s a bit hard to put the desk together
  • Since the handles of the drawers and the door are made from plastic, their threads easily wear out.
  • Since the finish is a cover on an MDF surface, it can chip off when exposed to high moisture levels.


If you are searching for a high-quality corner desk with file cabinet that will offer the real value for your money, then FMD offers the variety designed for such purpose. Their desk can be put together in various ways as long as they are at 90 or 180 degrees. Assembling it otherwise might void the warranty though this should not limit to put the desk in the most appropriate way you think possible.

October 16, 2017
withfilcab - Corner Desk With File Cabinet

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