Corner Office Desk

A corner desk is one of the essential furniture you have to get in your office. They are so critical that you would hardly be able to do any work without a desk. It provides the medium through which work is done, but sometimes it does not satisfy all the storage requirements in the office; hence the need to have a corner desk hutch.

This piece of furniture enhances storage capability of your desk without occupying any more horizontal space in your room. It is put on top of the already existing or bought corner desk. The majority of the desk hutches can fit well in most corner desks as long as the measurements are the same or smaller.

cbot 300x300 - Corner Desk Hutch for your OfficeAmong the best brands of the quality corner desk hutch is Cabot from bush furniture.

Its specific features include:

  • Weight: 68 pounds
  • Price: Approximately $173
  • Material: Thin wood and particle boards
  • Model number: WC31831-03
  • Dimensions: 59.5 X 11.4 X 36.2 inches

The Cabot hutch is designed to fit in a Cabot L-shaped desk or other corner desks with appropriate measurements. It has closed storage compartments with fluted glass and four open cubbies to store extra books and work in progress. It has a wire management system to keep the cords organized.

Once assembled it leaves enough working space on top of the desk where you can place your computer. One of the challenges while assembling the desk is the lack of clear descriptions. There are only indicative drawings on the boards, and without prior experience, it can be a nightmare to put the hutch together. However, there are professional assemblage services available during ordering if you necessarily feel you need it.

You can choose your selection from a variety of colors available which include; espresso oak, harvest cherry, and Heather gray. These brands, however, have a weak board at the bottom of the shelves and storage cabins. If you put heavy books on the open shelves, you might notice a strain on the board, but this minor issue can be fixed by putting a small piece of wood across the bottom part of the shelves. The desk hutch has L- brackets to attach to the back of the desk.

If you decide on this product, there should be nothing to hold you back since a one year warranty back the purchase. The customer service of Bush furniture is also excellent, and they replace any broken or scratched parts with no questions asked and at no extra cost.


If even after buying the corner desk hutch your storage requirements are not entirely sorted, you can consider buying Cabot lateral file cabinet to offer additional storage space. The file cabinet has the same height as the Cabot L-shaped desk and thus it acts as an extension of the desk. It has two big drawers, and its dimensions are 31.4 x 19.7 x 30.1 inches with a weight of 84 pounds. It costs approximately $160.


To maintain order and neatness in an office, you need to prioritize storage devices and accessories. A corner desk hutch combined with a file cabinet is more than enough storage and hardly will you find yourself mixing work in progress with the already finished files. Bush furniture manufacturers are among the top rated suppliers and buying from them reduces the risk of losing your money by half. They address each customer complaint as an individual case without generalizing on anything.

August 18, 2017
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