Corner Office Desk- A Complete Guide

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Every working person or a homeowner requires a corner office desk to get a working station for easy execution of various tasks. There are many varieties of corner desks in the market and the choice of which one to choose is determined by the specific needs each person has.

There are small and big corner office desks, corner desk with drawers, and many more variation features. However, the main functions of a corner desk should be to offer storage and working space.

Why Choose Corner Office Desk? Why Not Just Ordinary Desk?

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There are various table designs and models as you would expect in a competitive marketplace. Despite the options, a corner desk with drawers or not, always outsmarts the ordinary desk. Many desirable features make the corner desk ideal for the work:

  • Majority of them are L shaped corner desk, and this makes them fit well in a corner; this ends up in saving a lot of space
  • Most are corner desk with file cabinet and drawers; this makes working on them more convenient
  • They are designed while putting both seated and height of average people in consideration; this makes typing, writing, or using a computer in any other way more comfortable.
  • They are portable and majority take the weight or mobility features into consideration by using lighter MDF boards and even have wheels on them. However, a corner desk with drawers is equally heavy.

On the contrary, the ordinary desk…

  • Is designed for normal sitting without more emphasis on the position of your elbow on the table
  • Majority have no storage space unless the desk top surface which is not always the best nor big enough
  • They are bulky; they cannot be compared even to the big corner office desks.
  • Most of them are not designed to be put in corners, and you might end up wasting a big precious space.

Different Types of Corner Office Desk

Corner desks are designed in various shapes and designs to offer more choosing range of the final consumers. The most commonly bought are the l shaped corner desks. Despite that all of them are meant for an office, the office rooms differ from each other significantly, and thus the variation in design is a must and not an option in order to offer maximum customer satisfaction.

The various designs and shapes in the market include, though most likely not limited to the following:

L shaped corner desk

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These are the desks that have the shape of an L. majority of them are designed to be put on the wall without leaving a space between the two walls. Some can even be separated to form two separate independent desks. They can be either classified as big or small corner office desks depending on the dimensions.

u or n shaped corner desk

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These are big corner office desks that have three sides around your sitting area. It can be thought to be an L shaped corner desk that has another desk on its end. It is shaped just alike letter u or n, and it also forms a good corner desk. They provide the greatest work surface area for any desk depending on their dimensions.

Big corner office desk

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Though dimensions determine the size, a corner desk with drawers will always be relatively big. However, there are some standard measurements to ensure that the desk has a comfortable sitting height as well as a good knee clearance space and offer a reasonable working space. Essentially the desk should have at least a width of 25 inches, a depth of the same size and a height of approximately 20 inches.

The concept of a corner office desk being small or big is a relative variable that can be interpreted differently from the perspective of different people. Any home office corner desk that does not accommodate all your storage and working space needs is small, and anything that accommodates you well is big.

However, most of the corner office desks that can be classified as big are the U and the L shaped corner desks.

Small corner office desk

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A small corner office desk is the one that cannot be used by two people, or it has limited good working functionality when it comes to the way on how to use the desk. Small corner office desks are designed for small rooms, and they are made as a four-sided desk with no particular shape other than the standard rectangular shape. This does not completely rule out the possibility of a small L or U shaped desk.

Corner desk with drawers

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Among the storage features found in an office, corner desks are the drawers. They are made on a sliding platform to enable them open and close easily, hence the name drawers because they can be drawn out to store your work. Corner desks with drawers are ideal for an office environment especially if the desktop surface is not big enough.

Home office corner desk with storage

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Storage in office corner desks can be on the cabinets, the drawers, shelves, hutch, or on the top surface of the desk. The size of the desk determines its storage capacity. Big corner office desks have a larger storage capacity than the small ones. The bigger the storage available on a corner desk, the more desirable the desk should be.

Corner desk with file cabinet

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Filing is the backbone of any paperwork in the office. If you want to have easy access to your documents, consider buying a corner desk with file cabinet. Some can fit even A4 size files, and this helps in making the files to remain neat and in an orderly format. Poorly organized files can be time consuming to sort out.

Corner desk with storage

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It is important to choose a corner desk with storage to save you the costs associated with buying an extra storage space. However, since storage depends on the volume of work you are handling, it is always advisable to get additional forms of storage when necessary. You can buy additional bookshelves or hutches to compensate the space on your home office corner desk.

What to look for when buying corner office desk

A home office corner desk is supposed to offer you maximum satisfaction while using it. To get that utility level, you must consider some features and factors before making the final purchase decision. These may include a variety of factors but not limited to the following;

The ergonomic features

The office desk should offer the perfect viewing angle as well as the distance. The position of the keyboard should allow a slight hang of the hand while typing. These features will ensure that you can sit for long periods without having back pains.

The shape of the desk

Depending on the size of your room you might have to choose between the U, L, or the standard rectangular shape. The adaptability of the desk also goes with its shape. Most of the l shaped desk can be easily moved by disintegrating them into two parts. On the other hand, u shaped corner desk might give you challenges while changing locations.

Storage and working area

The storage and working area of the office desk you decide to buy is determined by the nature of your work. Also, finances can be a limiting factor while considering the storage feature. In most cases, the larger the corner desk with storage space available the more expensive the desk is in comparison to the smaller ones.

Construction and quality of materials used

Everybody wants to get value for their money, and it should be an exception in this situation. Choose a desk that is made from durable materials like solid wood or metal frames. However, even the other wood materials used in the desk like compressed particle boards are long lasting as long as you don’t expose them to moisture or water excessively; otherwise, they will easily break.


There are almost countless colors to choose from in the office corner desk market. However, some colors dominate the market when compared to others. This does not in any away compel you to follow the trend since color is an aesthetic feature rather than technical. For example, a majority of the people prefer white corner office desks for their home office.

Does purely white corner office desk beautiful or boring?

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White is one of the neutral colors that blend well with a majority of interior design colors. It is preferred by many due to that fact. It also signifies cleanliness, and it is one of the executive finishes on a corner desk that can make it look modern and classic.

The only drawback with white corner office desks is that they are boring to look at and they can even affect the morale to work. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways you can uplift its appearance and make it more efficient to work on. For example

  • You can use a multi-colored light on the desk
  • Have an elegant chair that does not scare away from sitting but rather encourages you to remain seated
  • Have a good looking flower pot on your corner office desk
  • You can also add a wall mount with all the colors of your choice to neutralize the white corner office desk effect.

Where can I get a cheap one?

Price is one of the limiting factors when deciding on what to buy. You cannot spend more than what you have. However, you can always get a higher quality and value for your money than another person with the same amount of money. This is determined by the sourcing point of your purchase. You should always look for price discounts and coupon cards to buy expensive products at low prices.

The best places to get these deals and also cheap corner desks with storage include:

From the manufacturer or the stores

Most of the times; the manufacturer of a certain product will most likely offer the product at a better price than any other person in the market if you get all the relevant information.

However, most of the people don’t buy from them due to the extras and customer service facilities the other stores selling similar products have perfected. Their support guides you depending on your needs and recommends either a corner desk with storage or other features as your work may dictate.

The popular office desk suppliers who offer good prices – This is an American based company and is one of the largest retail stores in the world. It offers a variety of products and corner desks from most of the manufacturers. – It is an online customer to customer and customer to business system that ensures that you can get a product wherever you are in all the 30 countries it serves.

Walker Edison – The Company, supplies ready to assemble furniture products and it is based in Utah

Ameri wood – It is also a United States based company that supplies quality furniture to the market.

Where can I buy more Corner office desk

Majority of the stores and retail outlets that offer the best discount and reduced prices in the market also forms the best places to look for more buying options for corner desks. This is because they have a wide variety and selection base to choose from.

Office depot – It is an American company with its headquarters in Florida. It has operations in more than 66 countries, and this is a clear indication of how successful they have managed to supply the market.

Walmart – These are a chain of stores operating in most of the states, and there is a high probability you have a Walmart store near you, give them a visit to see the variety of corner office desks they have in the market.

Bush furniture – It is an American based company with its headquarters in New York. It offers a wide variety of corner office desks.

Sauder – It is a leading supplier of ready to assemble desks, and it is based in North America. Majority of these direct suppliers price differs from those in the stores only when bulk purchases are concerned.

Tips on taking care of your desk to last longer

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Proper maintenance and good care are essential for the long lasting of any product or item in the market. The case is no different with these corner office desks. No matter the size, big or corner small corner desks require the same level of care. Some of the tips to prolong the life of your desk include:

  • Ensure all the joints are tightly fixed: weak spots on the desk are the ones that diversify to become breaking points. Always ensure all the nuts and bolts are tight. Where wood joints require more adhesion; use the wood glue. Corner desks with drawers require extra care due to the sliding system in place.
  • Avoid putting excess weight on the desk or standing on it: a corner desk with file cabinets or without has a limitation on the maximum amount of weight it can handle depending on the building materials used. It is highly discouraged to stand on the desk no matter what you intend to do.
  • Do not leave your desk wet for long periods: a majority of the corner office desks are made from particle boards. These are highly absorbent features, and if you leave them wet for long, the probability of breaking or losing alignment is high
  • Use veneer to reduce the water absorbing capabilities of wood: to prevent the incidences of your desk absorbing too much water while cleaning it; it is advisable to cover it with veneer. A corner desk with file cabinet requires more protection from water due to the nature of files it holds.
  • Avoid unnecessary changing of sitting places: since some of the desks are heavy, the more you move them around, the weaker the joints become and increase the chances of breaking. Unless in critical situations, do not change the position of your desk more often.


Having read through the guide, we believe it will be easier to make a purchase decision. You have realized that there are many types of office corner desk with different colors too. However, as noted previously white corner office desk is preferred by many, but that does not in any way bind you into buying it.

The choice of what to buy is fully dependant on you as long as you visit the relevant stores as outlined in the article. The list is long so that you can have a wider selection base. It is always good to check the prices in more than one store in order to get the best prices in the market. However, the price should not lead you to buy an inferior corner office desk.

It is better to buy a small corner office desk that will last longer rather than a big one that is of poor quality. Despite the choice you make, there are some maintenance practices that you have to put in place to ensure that your money does not go to the drain. Follow the instruction and user manuals to the letter. With that, you are assured to have your home office corner desk for the longest time.